Bingo Meets Deal or No Deal in the New Big Draw from Playtech


Gaming technology is constantly advancing and has created some truly thrilling and entertaining gaming experiences. Playtech, an esteemed name in the gaming industry, has brought two classic games – Bingo and Deal or No Deal – together into Big Draw for an engaging new gaming experience that marries traditional Bingo gameplay with suspenseful TV game shows such as Deal or No Deal.

What Is the Big Draw from Playtech?

Big Draw from Playtech promises to revolutionize how we play Bingo. Offering an exhilarating new take on this iconic card game by mixing in elements from Deal or No Deal – Big Draw provides suspense, strategy, and luck all rolled into one game experience!

How to Play Big Draw

Big Draw is just like traditional bingo; all it requires are cards bearing various numbers hidden inside sealed boxes a la Deal or No Deal and additional boxes available from which players select their numbers for selection, creating extra tension as each number must be selected from a set.

Game Mechanics

Our virtual presenter guides players through every aspect of our interactive adventure game. Here is how it works:

Before playing Bingo, players must select specific numbers before beginning to open boxes for opening. Each box corresponds with one Bingo number.

The Big Draw

Once your numbers have been chosen, a virtual presenter will begin The Big Draw – this is when all the excitement truly starts as each box opens revealing more numbers from within!

Mark Your Bingo Card

As soon as the presenter announces the numbers, mark them off your Bingo card to try and complete an attractive pattern a la traditional Bingo Slots Gallery casino review.

Deal or No Deal Twist

At any point during the game, a Deal or No Deal twist comes into play: an offer to purchase your Bingo card will come up at some point during play – making you decide between keeping playing for a bigger prize or accepting this offer and buying.

An Exciting Conclusion

Your bingo adventure continues until either you complete your pattern, accept an offer from another player, or accept one already on offer from one. As each round unfolds, anticipation mounts as you decide between risky moves or secured guarantees as to your success in winning big!

Why Big Draw Is Worth Exploring

For several reasons, Big Draw should be added to your arsenal of online gaming options.

1. Remix of Classics

This game brilliantly blends the timeless appeal of Bingo with the nail-biting excitement of Deal or No Deal to offer an extraordinary gaming experience.

2. Engaging and Interactive

The live presenter adds an interactive element, keeping players interested and involved throughout their game experience.

3. Diverse Strategies

Players must employ various strategic decisions that create an engaging and thought-provoking gaming experience.

4. Attract Big Prizes

Combining these games can yield significant prizes, making for an incredibly gratifying gaming experience.


Playtech’s Big Draw game is an innovation in online gaming that stands out as something truly different and engaging compared to any of its other offerings. By merging two beloved classics into an exhilarating experience with suspense and strategy that could yield big winning potential, this experience should not be missed out on! For any interested player seeking something fresh and innovative.

Prepare yourself for an unparalleled gaming adventure with Big Draw! Give this thrilling new Playtech offering a try today and experience its blend of Bingo and Deal or No Deal gameplay.


1. Can I play Big Draw for free?

Unfortunately, No; to fully experience Big Draw you will be required to wager real money to enjoy this thrilling game.

2. Does Big Draw feature similar offers to those found in Deal or No Deal?

Yes, offers in Big Draw mirror those found in Deal or No Deal; therefore you will need to decide between accepting an offer or keeping playing for an increased chance at larger prizes.

3. Is Big Draw available on mobile devices?

Yes, Big Draw can be enjoyed on mobile devices with ease and is perfect for playing while on the go.

4. What Is The Minimum Bet For Big Draw?

The minimum betting requirements vary between online casinos so ensure to familiarise yourself with them before placing your bets.

5. What determines Big Draw winners?

Big Draw winners are determined either by completing an established pattern on their bingo card, or accepting deals during gameplay that guarantee victory – either way will ensure victory!

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